Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Andrew Welburn, over at MAME World, posted information about the fourth set (rev 4) of asteroids, earning 500 SETI points!

"so here they are, Asteroids Revision 04E as
mentioned in the Star Tech Journal Vol 2 #5 :-
Atari Asteroids E-Prom Kit

Players with increased skill levels may cause
excessive game times. If you have this problem,
Atari has a solution. You may purchase an E-PROM
kit which will:

1) Allow small saucer to use wrap-around feature,
2) Allow small saucer to fire immediately when
entering the playing area, and
3) Prevent the intermittent loss of 3rd initial on
10th highest score.


Already known from arcadehistory.com

The Rev.1 version had an invulnerability glitch, which allowed players to hide in the upper corners of the screen (in the score) and be invulnerable to collisions. Also, players could make their ship fly backwards by thrusting in one direction until reaching full speed, and then quickly turn around 180 degrees and continue thrusting.

The Rev.2 version says '1979 Atari' at the bottom of the title screen, instead of the 'Asteroids by Atari' that was displayed in Rev.1. Also, the invulnerability glitch of Rev.1 is corrected.

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